Xcelsius Live Office Crystal Report ONLINE TRAINING

Live Office Connection for Xcelsius 2008 Prerequisites: Xcelsius 2008 SP1 with latest fix packs - Live Office XIR2 SP2 or up (LO version needs to match with your BOE system) The screenshots in this document is taken with Live Office XI 3.1 and Xcelsius 2008 SP1 FP1. Workflow: A: Prepare Live Office data connection in MS Excel 1) Insert Live Office data connection with MS Excel If you use CR data, we recommend inserting data fields instead of report parts to avoid redundant format information.

Xcelsius Live Office Crystal Report Online Training Course Content
  • Creating a Model
    • Producing interactive visualizations of your data
    • Getting around in Xcelsius
    • Working with your Excel workbook
    • Visualizing data with charts
    • Using Xcelsius Components
    • Distributing your Xcelsius Visualization
    • Applying best practices for designing models
    • Formatting a Model
    • Applying formatting options
    • Using themes and templates to apply formatting
    • Adding Interactivity to a Model
  • Using selectors
    • Adding dynamic visibility
    • Troubleshooting
    • Creating a Connected Model
    • Using live data sources
    • Connecting to XML Data
    • Connecting to data using an existing Web Service
    • Connecting to Crystal Reports data
    • Connecting to Business Objects Universes using Query as a Web Service
    • Using Live Office data
    • Using other connectivity components

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