Oracle Apps DBA 11G R12 Online Training

Oracle Database is a relational database with object and Extensible Markup Language(XML) capabilities. In a relational database, all data is stored in two-dimensional tablesthat are composed of rows and columns. Oracle Database enables you to store data, update it, and efficiently retrieve it, with a high degree of performance, reliability, and scalability.

Oracle Apps DBA 11G R12 Online Training Course Content
  • Architecture and Overview of Oracle Apps 11i/R12
    • Architecture of Apps
    • Components in 11i & R12
    • 11i & R12 File System including important files
  • Installation of Oracle Apps
    • Single/Multi Node Installation
    • Single/Multi User Installation
    • Hands on Installation of 11i / R12
  • Cloning
    • Overview of cloning
    • Hands on rapid clone
    • Advanced cloning options
  • Patching
    • Database Patch
    • Apps Patch using adpatch
    • adpatch options
    • Hands on practice for patching
    • Frequently asked interview Questions in patching
    • tartup/Shutdown Apps & DB
  • Upgrade
    • Upgrade scenarios
  • AD Utility, Autoconfig and other
    • adadmin
    • Auconfig
    • License Manager
    • adident
    • OAM

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