MAGENTO Online Training

Among the next to unlimited range on e-commerce solutions on the net today, Magento keeps growing quicker that any other. The Platform is available through open source regulations and has both a commmercial company, as well as a very dedicated community of independent developers, backing it up.

Vaimo is a certified Magento Enterprise Partner and by being so also an important part of this network, our focus being to adapt and develop the product towards the markets we operate in. Those involved in eCommerce need an affordable, flexible design option when putting up their online stores. Magento was designed to meet this need.

MAGENTO Online Training Course Content
  • Introduction to Magento
    • Why Magento
    • Features of Magento
    • Brief Introduction to PHP, MySQL, ZEND
    • System Requirements
    • Magento Installation and Configuration
    • Manage Products and Categories
    • Product Types
    • Manage Catalog
    • Manage Customers
    • Promotions and Rules
    • Advanced Promotions, Marketing and Trading Tools
    • Order Management
    • Reports
    • CMS Administration
    • Magento System Configuration
    • Newsletters
    • Modules Management
    • Themes Management
  • Magento Development
    • Magento Development
    • Understanding Magento
    • Magento Architecture
    • Magento Page Flow
    • ZEND Architecture
    • Database Model
    • Magento Modules
    • Overriding existing modules
    • Overriding Controllers
    • Overriding Model
    • Overriding Views
    • Create Forms
    • Theming
    • Analyzing Magento theme
    • Creating Magento Theme
    • Overriding Existing Magento Themes

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