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We provide intensive QlikView Business Intelligence training courses. With the largest team of highly certified and experienced QlikView consultants, you can be sure to that this one extensive course will cover all your QlikView training needs. We deliver QlikView training in depth.

The purpose of this articleis to give you an introduction to QlikView and show to how to setup your first QlikView document so you can see QlikView in action. You will create your first QlikView document and use some random sales data and show how to create lists and a simple chart within QlikView.

Tivoli Online Training Course Content
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager overview
    • Installing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
    • Administrative interfaces and privileges
    • Managing storage pools and storage pool volumes
    • Storage media devices
    • Policy management
    • Customizing the Tivoli Storage Manager database and recovery log
    • Client configuration
    • Backup-archive client functions
    • Protecting the database and storage pools
    • Automating operations
    • Monitoring and event logging
  • Practical Sessions
    • Implementing, configuring and administering IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
    • Understand the features of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
    • Install IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server, backup-archive client, and Administration Center
    • complete knowledge of the administrative interfaces
    • Create and manage storage pools and storage pool volumes
    • Concepts of attaching a tape library and preparing media
    • Describe data de-duplication
    • Define policy to meet business requirements
    • Manage the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database and recovery log
    • Configure backup-archive client
    • Back up, restore, archive, and retrieve client data
    • Protect the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database and storage pools
    • Schedule administrative tasks
    • Monitor server and client messages and events

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