SAP Controlling Online Training

SAP CO module is another important SAP modules offered to enterprises. The controlling module supports in the process works of planning, reporting and monitoring operations of businesses.

SAP Controlling Online Training Course Content
  • Product Cost Controlling
    • Product Cost Planning
    • M/L Actual Costing
    • Cost Object Controlling
    • Product Cost by Order, Product Cost by Sales order, Product Cost by Period
  • CO-PA
    • SD CO-PA mapping
    • FI CO-PA mapping
    • Incoming sales orders CO-PA mapping
    • Production Variances-->CO-PA mapping
    • CostCenter Variance-->CO-PA mapping
    • CO-PA Valuation
    • CO-PA reports
    • CO-PA planning
  • Profit Center accounting
  • Business process
    • Cost analysis Over head Calculation
    • To create planned cost estimate of a product
    • To create actual cost estimate of a product, Managing inventories in multiple currencies.
    • Production Order costing/Variance analysis/WIP(work in process) calculation and transfer to FI
    • Sales Order Costing/Variance analysis/ WIP(work in process) calculation and transfer to FI
    • Periodic product costing/Variance analysis/ WIP(work in process) calculation and transfer to FI
    • Revenue and profit analysis
    • Analysis of direct costs posted in FI module
    • Analysis of projected revenue and expected profit
    • Analysis of production cost variances
    • Analysis of cost center balances(after all allocations , at month end)
    • Calculating extra information in CO-PA. Extracting extra information from Product Cost Controlling component
    • Analysis
    • Annual planning , Periodic planning, Creating sales plans and fixing targets etc
    • Profitability analysis at plant level etc

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